Fishing Rod Holster Model Comparison

Both Factory Made & Hand Crafted Features:

  • Both are designed as an In-Action Tool while you fish ~ as a third hand when you need to set your rod down. Not so much as a holder while you walk or use while your line is in the water.
  • Both can be used with spinning reel or bait caster.
    • Bait caster does not use the locking mechanism, but the angle allows rod to stay in position even while bending toward ground.
  • Both are fully produced in the USA.
  • Both fit molle hole configurations.
  • Both are made for fresh water, but fit most saltwater fishing rods.
  • Both have a fixed outward angle to ensure comfortable use and to avoid line being blown behind you or around your neck while performing tasks.

USA Factory Made Version:

  • Inexpensive option.
  • Shorter delivery turnaround.
  • Ambidextrous (Left or Right hip compatible).
  • Made entirely of tough Polypropylene plastic.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Limited color choices.
  • No screws or metal hardware needed.
  • Sidecar mounting holes for future attachments.

USA Hand Crafted Version:

  • Prices vary based on chosen material ~ patterns & textures.
  • Will require additional shop time (made to order).
  • Made specifically for Left OR Right hip only. Not ambidextrous.
  • Thermoformed Kydex, Front .080, back plate .060
  • Recyclable after removing metal parts.
  • Wide variety of color and pattern choices.
  • Zinc coated steel screws, posts, belt clips, with metal rivets and rubber bushings. Loctite applied to all screws.
  • Laser burnt, carbon fiber textured logo tab riveted to back plate.
  • (Coming soon) Sidecar mounting holes for future attachments.

How it enhances your fishing experience:

  • Best suited for bank fishing, wading, paddleboard fishing, bass boat fishing, – even a crowded boat when you need both hands.
  • Removing weeds from your hook.
  • Applying new bait.
  • Changing, fixing or adjusting lures.
  • Untangling line.
  • Tying knots with both hands.
  • Answer a quick text or email.
  • Quickly take photo or video of others in the moment wrangling a fish.
  • Assists while you hold fish in one hand, and using pliers in the other.
  • Assisting children with their rig.
  • Marking your favorite fishing territory at a nearby tree.
  • Allows you to use both hands to open a drink.
  • Prevents dropping your rod in the water.
  • Prevents rod from being on the ground and getting stepped on breaking eyelets.
  • Prevents sand getting into your reel bearings.
  • Prevents your line from getting tangled in brush and branches.
  • Prevents hooking your finger if your rod falls over.

In summary, the Pine 9 Fishing Rod Holster is there to lend you a hand the moment you need to set your rod down.