About Pine 9 Holsters

All products, parts and materials are proudly made and assembled right here in the USA!

About Us

A family owned business based out of New Hampshire.

Our goal is to create a life long, reliable holster that possesses the perfect mixture of durability, functionality, style, and comfort.

After all, if you don’t have a comfortable holster, you are not likely to carry.

Our mission is to create the most comfortable and reliable holster on the market that would encourage carrying more often and normalize gun ownership once again. If it’s normalized, the right to bear arms will always be inherently protected.

Why the name Pine9 Holsters?

It’s surprising that so little people know about the story of Ebenezer Mudgett & The Pine Tree Riots of 1772 since the historical events that occurred at that time were the true sparks that ignited the path to the rebellion leading up to the Boston Tea Party and the American Revolution.

Watch the play in the video below!

  • The Pine Tree Riots of Weare New Hampshire.
  • The Loyal Nine.
  • The Sons of Liberty.
  • The Sons of Liberty Flag and the 9 of the 13 Colonies.
  • The 2001 911 Tragedy.

About Ebenezer Mudgett & The Weare New Hampshire Pine Tree Riots of 1772

Avoid getting scammed by impersonators!

Pine 9 Holsters patent pending products and images are so good, that it seems scammers love to rip off photos and mislead people in advertisements.

If the website you saw originally isn’t listed below, it’s a scam. You can only find Pine 9 Holsters product at the website addresses below.

You will only find honesty and a damn good product here.

~ Matt McMillin

Trusted URLs Associated With Us:

  • Pine9Holsters.com
  • HolsterYourRod.com
  • FishingRodHolster.com
  • FishingHolster.com
  • Pine9Solutions.com
  • Pine9Tactical.com
  • PineNineHolsters.com
  • StepOffMyRights.com

Trusted Stores That Carry Our Products:

  • NauticalOffRoad.com

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