Available Positions

Part Time Shop Assistant Position:

This position offers the benefit of a wide variety of tasks at any given time depending on the shop needs and a wide range of skill growth.

We are looking for a driven individual that takes pride in the quickness and efficiency of his/her work, and loves outdoor activities with a passion to enhance those activities.

Candidates may expect to perform some or all of these possible general duties:

  • Clean & organize shop with use of soaps and paper towels, Vacuum, air gun, broom & Dust Pan. May require eye protection and/or dust mask combo.
  • Apply eyelets to fasten product parts together using a combination of hammer and die set and manually operated rivet press. Eye protection required.
  • Assemble pre-fabricated parts from the manufacturer “Ambie”
  • Applying stickers
  • Picking products, bagging, envelope stuffing, and preparing and applying labels for shipping.
  • Rubber bushings to screw posts
  • Lifting, stacking, and moving boxes.
  • cutting plastic squares
  • Social media admin scanning, hiding and commenting on questions.
  • Possible customer support
  • Possibly assist with social media copyright infringement violations by other companies and log them for reporting.
  • Assist with Photography / Videography tasks
  • Taking inventory of products, parts and shipping materials
  • Heating platters for thermoforming.
  • Milling and shaping with the use of band saw and dremel tools.
  • Assistance with shop modifications.
  • On occasion or once daily to drive packaged and labeled products to Post Office.
  • On occasion make dump runs.
  • battery powered drill with phillip head bit to mount belt clips.
  • Drill press to drill simple holes for eyelets, and to remove material from back plate parts from manufacture.
  • Belt sander to rough shape edges of preshaped and milled parts.
  • Buffer Wheel to smooth edges of parts.
  • Applying loctite to screws using rubber gloves.

Protective gear may be needed for some tasks such as rubber gloves and/or hearing protection, and/or a full face mask and/or safety glasses to protect against potential dust particles, or any other debris. Most Commonly needed when using any air hose, drill, hammer, sander, etc.

Background check will be required.

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