Fishing Rod Holster Model Comparison

Whether you are fishing while wading, on a dock, bass boat, bridge, shore, or a paddle board – It’s right freakin’ there!

Manufactured VS. Hand Crafted Versions

Differences Between Both Versions:

Options & FeaturesAmbie VersionHand Crafted Version
Ambidextrous Yes, Reversible Demo Soon!No, Left or Right Only
PriceLow Price!Higher Due to Labor & Materials
Weight3.2 oz or 91 g4.6 oz or 130 g
Multiple Color & Pattern ChoicesNoYes
Belt ClipsPlastic (See Durability Test)Coated Steel, maximum retaining capability.
Belt Clip Mounting OptionsYes, more coming soon No, metal clips only
Side Car OptionsYes, coming soon Yes, coming soon 
Contains HardwareNoYes. Nuts, bolts, washers, metal eyelets, belt clips.

Features of Both Versions:

Fits Fresh Water RodsYes, Both Versions
Fits Spinning ReelsYes, Both Versions
Fits Bait CastersYes, Both Versions *Does not slide into reel arm pocket. Angle is still secure when you bend down.
Fits Spincast ReelsYes, Both Versions
Fits Fly Rod ReelsNo, unless grip behind reel is 6 inches or longer
Fits Salt Water RodsDepends, See more info
Fits Pistol Grip RodsNo, Both Versions
Comfortable 60 degree angleYes, Both Versions
Belt Clips Fit Mollie HolesYes, Both Versions
Can be used with 1.5″ beltsYes, Both Versions
Can be used with basketball or swimming trunksYes, Both Versions

How It Improves Fishing

  • Removing weeds from your hook.
    Applying new bait.
  • Changing, fixing or adjusting lures.
  • Untangling line.
  • Tying knots with both hands.
  • Answer a quick text or email.
  • Quickly take photo or video of others in the moment wrangling a fish.
  • Assists while you hold fish in one hand, and using pliers in the other.
  • Assisting children with their rig.
  • Marking your favorite fishing territory at a nearby tree.
  • Allows you to use both hands to open a drink.
  • Prevents dropping your rod in the water.
  • Prevents rod from being on the ground and getting stepped on breaking eyelets.
  • Prevents sand getting into your reel bearings.
  • Prevents your line from getting tangled in brush and branches.
  • Prevents hooking your finger if your rod falls over.
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