Hand Crafted Fishing Holsters

Fishing-Rod Holster_A_See_All Solid Colors

Hand Crafted Solid Colors

$50 ~ U.S.A. Hand Crafted

Fishing-Rod Holster_A_See_All Carbon Fiber

Hand Crafted Carbon Fiber Texture

$60 ~ U.S.A. Hand Crafted

Hand Crafted Premier Prints

$70 ~ U.S.A. Hand Crafted

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does it work for bait casters and fly rods?

Yes! Bait casters do not lock in place like the spinning rods do, but as long as the grip behind your rod is more than 5 inches long, the convenient angle of the holster will keep your rod in place even if you bend over and touch the ground.

For fly rods, you only need about 3 inches of hand grip behind the reel as the fly rod reel will slide into the notch.

Why is there such a price difference between the Ambie and the Hand Crafted Model?

The Hand Crafted Model is our original design, and the Ambie design is our latest factory manufactured model. Both versions offer the exact same functionality with two exceptions. Ambie is a light duty freshwater fishing rod holster. Ambie is also short for Ambidextrous, which means you can swap the parts to configure the holster to be positioned on left or right hip. The Ambie version is an excellent starter holster that let’s you really experience all the benefits of our design at an affordable price in comparison to our advanced, heavier duty Hand Crafted Model. Our Hand Crafted Model requires much more effort to create, as well as a much higher cost of materials in comparison to the Ambie. See all the model comparisons in this video!

Are there left handed versions too?

Yes! And if you are looking for an ambidextrous version, check out the “Ambie” model!

Do I need to wear a belt to use this holster?

With Ambie, we recommend using a belt because the clips are durable plastic, yet a little flexible. Both Ambie & the hand crafted model work excellent with molle belts and gear too! For the Hand Crafted model, we chose a specific metal belt clip that is firm, thin, and will reliably attached to basket ball shorts, swimming trunks, sweatpants, and jeans without needing a belt too!

Can you use for salt water surf fishing?

Many people do! (Hand Crafted Model Only) It is in fact designed to accommodate both fresh water and a few light weight salt water spinning reels. However, it is important to note that our fishing rod holsters are not designed, nor intended to be used with the line in the water, especially saltwater. Our Fishing Rod Holster is specifically designed to be used as a third helping hand when removing weeds, unhooking fish, applying new bait, and untangling line, holding fish and using pliers – to name just a few of the many times you need to set your rod down during your fishing trip.

Do you have an ambidextrous version?

Yes! Check out “Ambie“!

Does it accept any fishing rod?

These holsters will fit most straight handle grip fishing rods. Please note that some handle grips may not work with these holsters such as; pistol grip handles, poles that have knobs or cork butts at the end of the grip that are greater than 1 and 3/8 inches or 3.493 cm in diameter. Please be sure your item will fit before purchasing.

Does it matter which side the crank handle sits?

Nope. We’ve designed our Fishing Rod Holster so that the locking notch allows the arm of the reel to rest at an angle to accommodate the reel handle for either side.

Will the hardware rust?

It is possible, but may take quite a while since the hardware used is zinc coated stainless steel. To date, there have been no reports of rusting. The Ambie version does not have hardware.

What is it used for?

Whether you are fishing while wading, on a dock, bass boat, bridge, shore, or a paddle board – It’s right there!

This thing solves so many small problems that add up to a big solution!

  • Removing weeds from your hook.
  • Applying new bait.
  • Changing, fixing or adjusting lures.
  • Untangling line.
  • Tying knots with both hands.
  • Quickly take photo or video of others in the moment wrangling a fish.
  • Assists while you hold fish in one hand, and using pliers in the other.
  • Assisting children with their rig.
  • Marking your favorite fishing territory at a nearby tree.
  • Allows you to use both hands to open a drink.
  • Prevents dropping your rod in the water.
  • Prevents rod from being on the ground and getting stepped on breaking eyelets.
  • Prevents sand getting into your reel bearings.
  • Prevents your line from getting tangled in brush and branches.
  • Prevents hooking your finger if your rod falls over.
  • Answer a quick text or email.

Whatever the reason you need to put your rod down, you now have a spot immediately.

We have two models to choose from!

  • Ambie, our newest reversible model to left or right. Needs a regular belt, and is the perfect durable starter model.
  • Hand Crafted, our finest in strength, durability & longevity. Duty metal clips can be worn without a belt, and basketball & swimming shorts.
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Meet Matt McMillin

Holstersmith Artist based out of Nashua New Hampshire, he specializes in producing Fishing Rod Holsters.

All products and materials are 100% produced in the USA.

Super handy and really lite! Everything they advertise about the features and benefits of it are true! I’ve added my pilers, line clippers, fishing license and towel. Shore fished today and wadded in about a foot or so. It was really nice having the rod holder to secure the rod while I changed baits and keeping the handle dry and clean! Just the right angle to keep the rod up and very handy. I wear it on a separate belt that I used with my waders and add my foldable walking stick and knife when needed. This rod holder looks great too! Very happy with this purchase!

~ Richard

I bought a fishing rod holster for my husband for Father’s day! BEST GIFT EVER!! its very well made, stores easy and is so durable. My little one accidentally stepped on it while on a fishing adventure and not even a scratch! Would highly recommend, not to mention customer service and communication were amazing! A great small business.

~ Amanda

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