Holster Your Rod

100% U.S.A. Hand Crafted Fishing Rod Holsters

All parts and materials are proudly fabricated right here in the United States of America, and assembled to order in New Hampshire.

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U.S.A. Hand Crafted

U.S.A. Hand Crafted

U.S.A. Hand Crafted

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there left handed versions too?

Yes! Once you are in the product pages, simply select which side of the hip you want.

Do I need to wear a belt to use this holster?

Nope! We chose a specific metal belt clip that is strong, thin, and will reliably attached to basket ball shorts and swimming trunks too!

Does this work with bait casters?

Yes! As long as the end of the hand grip is about 5 or 6 inches long from the reel base, it should work well!

Why is this only designed for fresh water and not for salt water?

It is in fact designed to accommodate both fresh water and a few salt water spinning reels. However, it is important to note that our fishing rod holsters are not designed, nor intended to be used with the line in the water, especially saltwater. Our Fishing Rod Holster is specifically designed to be used as a third helping hand when removing weeds, unhooking fish, applying new bait, and untangling line to just name a few.

Does it matter which side the crank handle sits?

No. We’ve designed our Fishing Rod Holster so that the locking notch allows the footing arm of the reel rests at an angle to accommodate the reel handle for either side.

Do you have an ambidextrous version?

No, not at this time. However, this is in our project roadmap.

Why are the Premier Prints more expensive?

We use a third party manufacturer that produces specifically durable and long lasting graphic infused patterns, and this process is expensive. Also, branded Trademark patterns such as Realtree and Kryptex for example, carry licensing fees to the manufacturer as well.

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