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Special Announcement: Due to popular demand, a waitlist and information page has been created for you! Feel free to order and reserve your spot, and thank you so much for your support!


Price Differences: Ordering online is $160. If local custom work is needed because of special features or attachments, there is an additional $30 prep fee for time and materials.


Caution: It has been mentioned time and again, that these OWB holsters are so comfortable that people forget they have them on.


There are 3 layers that you can choose colors for in the options below!






Holster only – gun not included.

This OWB has a window cut out of the face layer and the middle layer to reveal the slide of the gun, and a window for the wooden logo. For The Viper, there are two rounded ovals that reveal the slide.

*If your firearm is not listed in the drop down above, it means we do not currently have a mold, but you can go to the contact section to and see if we can order one to make your holster. If you are local to N.H. or surrounding states, we may also take local walk ins. Please contact us and see how we can help!


  • Firearm model specific triple layered holster shell
  • A set of Speed Clips – great for everyday carry, easy on and off. ( What is this >> )
  • A set of MM Wing Clips. ( What is this >> )
  • A set of Big Boy Bushings and accompanying screws. ( What is this >> )


For a full walkthrough of these features, watch this video.

  • Firearm Model Specific. This means that our holsters are not one size fits many. For the best fit, comfort, and reliability, all holsters are created to that specific gun.
  • Wooden Logo Insert.
  • Three Layers of very light weight Kydex hard plastic. Our triple layer design provides both strength and durability, while also adding a one of a kind look.
  • Muzzle Guide to make re-holstering your gun easy.
  • Revamped Sweat Guard with Bevel, Rounded, and Deviation to reduce pinching for the most comfortable experience.
  • Curved Holster Shell that contours the shape of you body for both comfort and better concealment.
  • Adjustable Retention Screw for setting the ease of draw and keeping your gun secure in the holster.
  • Audible Click In Place so you know your gun is secure.
  • Two Sets of Belt Clips Included (Speed Clips & MM Closed Loop Wings) ~ YES, INCLUDED
  • A set of Big Boy Bushing Included if you need room for love handles or to tuck bulky clothes behind holster. ~ YES, INCLUDED
  • Adjustable Ride Height to adjust how high or low you desire your holster to sit on your belt.
  • Adjustable Cant Position. All holsters are shipped with a cant already applied, but you can adjust however you prefer.
  • Sight Channels accommodate all factory sights, most suppressor sights (up to 10mm tall), and loaded chamber indicators. Contact us if you have any aftermarket accessories, and we can assist you in a solution.

Additional Information:

Looking for an Inside The Waistband Holster Instead?

Please note:

  • *Since each holster is created to be firearm specific for the best fit possible, the shape of the holster my slightly differ than the product photo.
  • *Since our work is primarily custom and made to order, nearly all holsters are made to order, please see current turnaround time.



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Arranged Local Appointment?

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Sweat guard?

Vinyl (+$14), Original ($0), No sweat guard ($0)