Thank you for all the reviews and feedback! I am excited to show you what’s coming up next!

~ Matt McMillin

FISHING – (Noted on Home Page) Super handy and really lite! Everything they advertise about the features and benefits of it are true! I’ve added my pilers, line clippers, fishing license and towel. Shore fished today and wadded in about a foot or so. It was really nice having the rod holder to secure the rod while I changed baits and keeping the handle dry and clean! Just the right angle to keep the rod up and very handy. I wear it on a separate belt that I used with my waders and add my foldable walking stick and knife when needed. This rod holder looks great too! Very happy with this purchase! ~ Richard

FISHING – (Noted on Home Page) I just used your fishing rod holster for the first time today. I love it! Not having to hold the rod while changing lures is awesome not too mention a lot less frustrating. Thanks for making me swear less while changing lures! ~ Jamie

PISTOL – (Noted on Home Page) I wore my Pine 9 Holster for the first time this past weekend, I was out all day, and went everywhere. I literally forgot I was carrying, until we went out for dinner! It’s like nothing was there! So comfortable! ~ Tom

FISHING – (Noted on Home Page) I bought a fishing rod holster for my husband for Father’s day! BEST GIFT EVER!! its very well made, stores easy and is so durable. my little one accidentally stepped on it on a fishing adventure and not even a scratch! would highly recommend, not to mention customer service and communication were amazing! a great small business. ~ Amanda

FISHING – (Noted on Home Page) Thank you guys!!!! I’ve had my fishing rod holster a few days and love it. I didn’t realize how many times I just set my pole down to do things. Also I fish with 2 poles so this makes me feel like a fishing ninja! Thank you again!!! ~ Shane

PISTOL – (Noted on Home Page) I’ve tried many different holsters over the years. I’d just about given up. My 1 hour commute home, the holster felt great. No uncomfortable pitching or rubbing. I can’t recommend Pine 9 enough! ~ Crit

PISTOL – (Noted on Home Page) Absolutely recommend Pine 9 holsters. LOVE LOVE LOVE my new holster. Most well built, comfortable holster I’ve ever had, and I’ve had many holsters. Thanks so much! Very happy with quality & service! ~ James

These holsters are fantastic, the are incredibly comfortable, and look amazing. Thanks again and I’ll keep checking to see if you get a mold gun for the Springfield Hellcat Pro. I need one for it as well. ~ Stevie

PISTOL – Love my holster set! I recently installed Mollie Panels on my center console in my truck by my leg. Just found out that my holster and my mag pouch clip right on to it. Even matches the accent red theme. Just purchased my fishing license, so I will be giving my rod holster a go as well soon. ~ Jim

PISTOL – Great communication, beautiful work and an awesome guy to deal with! ~ Tim

PISTOL – Got my Pine 9 recently. Highly recommend Pine 9 Holsters to anyone interested in high quality American made holsters. Thank you for your caring and consideration when designing and building my holster. ~ Martin

PISTOL – Did an excellent job on my holster for my sig P238 it is so comfortable….. 36 hours wearing this thing! ~ Daniel

FISHING – Got my birthday present today! Excited for warmer weather to give my fishing rod holster a try! ~ Mike

PISTOL – Amazing designs and craftsmanship, the most comfortable holster I have. I can carry a full size, light bearing all day and think twice about it. Buy one, you can thank me later! ~ Jeff

PISTOL – You make a great product my friend! Very impressed with it! ~ Scott

PISTOL – A special shout out to Pine 9 Holsters for my new OWB holster. Local New Hampshire company making quality handmade holsters. Worth every penny and more. ~ Andrew

FISHING – Thank you guys so much for the fishing holster can’t wait to put it to use tried it in my house works great merry Christmas ~ Daniel

PISTOL – Check them out, awesome products. Excellent craftsmanship. Can’t wait to use it and put it through its paces Pine9 Holsters. ~ Hunter

PISTOL – Just got my new Pine9 Holsters! Most comfortable, low profile and well built holster I’ve owned. ~ Brandon

PISTOL – Thank you Matt for taking the time to make our Pine9 Holsters! Very impressive work and love our holsters! I am very intrigued by the whole process. ~ Melissa

PISTOL – Great craftsmanship, great customer service!! They built me a sidecar IWB holster for a p320 xCarry that came out flawless. Highly recommend. Will be getting more stuff done in the future. ~ Bob

PISTOL – They did a holster for my P320 with light, RX, and sidecar that came out flawless! Can’t recommend them enough, great communication and turnaround time! Top notch quality and attention to detail. ~ Jesse

PISTOL – Just received my custom “Stealth” holster from Matt. What a work of art….truly a thing of beauty. 100% satisfied!!!! Thanks Matt!!!!! ~ Dennis

PISTOL – Big thanks to Matt at Pine 9 holsters. Having larger love handles I have never been able to wear Kydex as they would dig into my love handles and it was uncomfortable and cause a very sore hot spot. I wanted one of Matts holsters which I loved the look. However I had the same problem of it digging into my love handles. I called Matt and explained my predicament. Matt invited me down to his shop to see what he could do about it. He re-made the back panel and curled the tab over the gun added neoprene and put spacers in the belt clips to kick the upper portion of the holster away from my handles. I wore this holster all day long for a week. It was heaven! I was so impressed I went back to Matts shop and had him make me a single and double mag pouches with the same mods. I am very happy with the results. I highly recommend Matt at Pine 9 for excellence in workmanship and customer satisfaction. Based on what we came up with to fix my issues Matt has now added a Big Boy option. I highly recommend this if you have the same issue I have had with Kydex. Thanks Matt awesome Job!!! ~ Sid

PISTOL – Pine 9 Holsters makes some sick fully custom holsters that not only look great, but are comfortable! ~ Rick

PISTOL – Check these out! Pine 9 Holsters is an awesome company on top of making a top quality product! Never seen anything like it! ~ Paul

PISTOL – Shout out to Pine 9 Holsters! If you are looking for a local quality made holster that fits good, Pine 9 has you covered check them out! Thanx ~ Melissa

PISTOL – Absolutely in LOVE with my new holster. Came out better than I could have imagined! ~ Mandi

PISTOL – If any of you all are looking for a custom holster…Reach out to Pine 9 Holsters. I can truly attest that anything this company does is with 100% skill and heart. You will have a one of a kind quality piece. ~ Kim

PISTOL – I am so picky about holsters that I have a big box of them in my closet. Almost all of them are terrible. I cannot remember the last time I was impressed by the craftsmanship of a holster. Excellent Job Pine 9! ~ Joseph

PISTOL – Pine 9 crafted an OWB holster for my M7P 9mm. It looks awesome and is super comfortable. They also made one for my brother in law’s Glock 19. He’s very happy with the comfort! ~ Jeff

PISTOL – If you happen to need a holster Pine 9 Holsters is the what you need too see. Check out the page. They are pretty cool! ~ Deanna

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