The Agenda

If you look closely across all of our founding documents, it becomes abundantly clear as to why the Second Amendment has been included in the Bill of Rights. When you read the Declaration of Independence, you can see just how crystal clear their intentions were as they outlined examples of the former tyrannical government.They understood that if they hadn’t had access to arms, they would have continued to live under a tyrannical government. Therefore, to ensure liberty, the right to bear arms capable of overthrowing a potentially tyrannical government. Yes, this means that “arms” applies to much more than guns to ensure our firepower mirrored our own military. Over time, this basic concept has been distorted and eroded.They also understood that in order for the general population to even realize the potential of a tyrannical government in the first place, freedom of speech and press had to be in the forefront as the very first amendment. Otherwise, the population would be uninformed, and completely unaware of what was happening before them.The Second Amendment really does protect the first – and without either, all other rights reserved would fall.

Our Founder’s Intentions
The literal writings by our founders regarding the 2nd Amendment.

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The Bad Guy Mentality
Trying to understand what makes bad guys do the things they do.

The Truth
There are a million lies about firearms, here are the truths.

The Corruption
See for yourself. The blatant hypocrisies and double standards.

The Agenda
Real reasons behind a global effort for a total citizen firearm ban.

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