The Bad Guy Mentality

To truly understand how to prevent mass shooters, like anything else, you need to put yourself into the mindset of the shooter. It is safe to say that in every instance of a mass killer, whether it is a shooter, a bomber, or using a knife, their full intention is to inflict as much harm onto as many people possible before being stopped. There is no other goal, and they fully expect not to live through the event.
Since they are expected to be stopped with lethal force eventually, it would be foolish to believe they would care much about the consequences of their actions, and a total disregard for any and all laws.
Continued in the mindset of a mass murderer, the next questions would be;
How and where can I inflict as much harm as possible?
What kind of places might have the least resistance as possible?
Can I expect that the people in this location will be taken by surprise?
Will I create enough shock to be recognized and be all over the news after what I have done?
That’s right, a guaranteed gun free zone is the prime answer for all these questions. The only logical method to reducing these shootings is to repeal gun free zones, and encourage trained armed personnel on the grounds. This would apply to Shopping Malls, Schools, Campuses, Military Bases, Movie Theatres, Hospitals, Post Offices, Diners – any place that advertises the premisis is a gun free zone.
Now imagine if gun free zones were eliminated. Now let’s ask those same questions above in the mass murderer’s mindset;
My guess is that you had to think a lot harder to come up with answers. The shooter will simply realize that those zones would no longer definitively answer those questions above.
Gun control quite literally only effects good, law abiding people from exercising their 2nd Amendment right to protect themselves and those they watch over. Plain and simple. Gun control laws are literally the root of the problem here, and it is amazing some don’t see it. Fortunately, people are waking up in fantastic numbers, and are starting to pay attention now.
Here is an example of this mentality at work. The Colorado shooter specifically went out of his way to find a gun free movie theatre playing the Batman “Dark Knight”. He even passed other theatres on the way.

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