Pistol Holster Waitlist:

Please advise, we have retired producing firearm holsters.

We have decided to devote our full focus on producing high quality fishing rod holsters.

Thank You so much for your Support!

This Waitlist is outdated.

Custom Pistol Holsters Shop Build Waitlist Time:

Estimated 20-30 Business days after purchase. These are made to order and we do not carry stock due to the vast number of variables, combinations, and configurations. (Reasonably Fast for this time of year)

Average USPS estimated shipping speed after completion is 1 to 5 business days depending on distance from New Hampshire.

Special Update: OWB Vacuum Press has been repaired. Production resumes! ~ Updated 2/13/2023

Please be aware, Matt produces 1 to 2 holsters per day. Unique local custom holsters are same day service. Some of them require a bit more time and attention.

Waitlist updated 2/21/2023

Online Orders:

Jaylise GStealthOnlineSig Sauer P365queued #9860
Ivan WNo Cutouts + 1 AmbieOnlineGlock 19queued #9959
Joe R.OWB StealthOnlineGlock 43Xqueued #10800
David BBackwoodsOnlineSmith & Wesson M&P Shield 380 EZqueued #11030
Kieran CIWBOnlineGlock 19queued #11296
Darrell BIWBOnlineCanik TP9 SF Elitequeued #11331
Robert NStealthOnlineSpringfield Armory HELLCAT PROqueued #11375

Local Custom Consultations:

Don S. QLSIWBConsultAwaiting appt, Txt
Brent S. IWBConsultAwaiting appt, Txt
Josh O.OtherLeatherman.queued, FM
James K.IWBSig250c.Awaiting appt, FM
James K.IWBSig250c.Awaiting appt, FM
James K.OWBHK45cAwaiting appt, FM
James K.IWBHK45cAwaiting appt, FM
Barry S.IWBWalther p22Awaiting appt, FM
Barry S.IWBS&W .380 ez.Awaiting appt, FM
Jerry G.OWBSmith & Wesson Shield w/laserqueued, WI
Mike Fo.IWBSig P365.Awaiting, Txt
Michael Ru.OWB StealthCanik MC9Awaiting, EM
Bill B.OWB/ChestGlock 41 Gen 4 TLR6 light/laserAwaiting, EM
Dan F.OWB StealthGlock 45 Delta Point ProAwaiting, EM
DerekConsult45. PPQAwaiting, TX 1455
Jeff DJ.ConsultTisas Px9Awaiting, TX
Michael A.OWBConsult(no resp)
OrlandoOWBConsultTxt (no resp)

Communications ID: WI = Walk-in, FM = Facebook Message, TX = Text Message, EM = Email

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